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Dramatic Landscapes Lightroom Presets

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$ 49.99

Dramatic Landscapes consist of 51 premium presets that make it possible to quickly apply a dark and atmospheric look to your images and fine-tune the settings to optimize them for your particular shot.


The Dramatic Landscapes Presets are designed to make achieving those dark and atmospheric looks as easy as possible but by also including 35 stackable adjustments, we aim to make this a must-have Lightroom Toolbox for anyone who’s looking for an easy solution to make their images stand out.

Dramatic Landscapes consists of 16 All-in-One presets and 35 stackable adjustments that have been optimised through testing on hundreds of images.

Dramatic Landscapes All-in-One Presets

The 16 all-in-one presets have been tested on hundreds of images and are developed to make it quick and easy to apply a dark and atmospheric look to your images. 

These presets take advantage of the (some times complicated) tools in Adobe Lightroom that are crucial in achieving certain looks. 

While no preset is perfect for each and every scenario, the Dark Landscapes Prest Box has something suitable for most; be it a bright and clear day or a dull and grey one.

Stackable Adjustments

In addition to the 16 all-in-one presets, the Dramatic Landscapes Presets include an additional 35 stackable adjustments to make your editing workflow even easier.

These can be used to apply professional-looking techniques or adjustments that can be combined with each other. The intention with these tools are for you to be able to edit your image with as little manual work as possible. 

Perhaps you’re using one of the all-in-one presets but find that the shadows are a little too dark for your image? No problem: use the Brighten Shadows tool. Is your image lacking contrast? Use the Smart Contrast or Smart Exposure Tools. Maybe the sky is too bright and lacks interest? Then use the Darken Sky or Sunset Sky Boost to add a nice and effective Graduated filter.

Before and After

These before and after images show you how the all-in-one presets can instantly transform your images, regardless of the startingpoint. 

The Dramatic Landscapes Lightroom presets makes it quick and easy to introduce mood and atmosphere that will make your image stand out. Why spend hours trying to edit an image when you can do it with just a few clicks? 

These presets are suitable for both complete beginners and more advanced Lightroom users. You can choose to only use the all-in-one filters but combining them with the stackable adjustments can make a big difference.

This package is perfect for those:

  • Want a quick and easy way to apply professional-looking techniques
  • Find the Lightroom sliders and setting confusing to work with
  • Struggle to remember which sliders to use for different scenarios
  • Want to improve your post-processing workflow

The presets work on both Mac and PC with any RAW or JPG image and are compatible with both new and old versions of Lightroom. 

Presets in the Lrtemplate format is included for users with versions older than Lightroom Classic CC 7.3.

3 reviews for Dramatic Landscapes Lightroom Presets

  1. Maria Dodd (verified owner)

    I do not spend a lot of time post processing photos for a coupe of reasons… one; I don’t know what I’m doing and two; I don’t want to spend hours on a computer. Fortunately, Christian has just made my life much easier, and my photos much better, and developed a really really awesome set of presets! I love dark and moody photos and this collection does exactly what I can’t do with one or two clicks! What is even better is that they’re available for Lightroom 6 (I’ve not seen anyone else offer this) so people like me, who aren’t part of the CC crowd, now have preset options. So thank you Christian, I’m going to have a lot of fun turning my photos into something awesome because of your presets! 🙂

  2. Mark Walker (verified owner)

    I am a pretty experienced Lightroom user, but I’m always looking for ways to make my workflow more efficient and effective. I recently purchased Christian’s presets, and I’m already very pleased with them! They really get me started very quickly towards that “certain look” that I’m trying to achieve with my photos. Thanks, Christian, for putting these together.

  3. Carol Moore (verified owner)

    I spend a little bit of time post processing photos. I just started playing with Christian’s Lightroom presets. They are exactly what I was looking for in creating more dramatic landscapes. But these Lightroom presets are great in using with other subjects as well. These 51 presets are well worth the price. You won’t be disappointed.

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