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Capture the Night

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In this special two-part bundle, Arild Heitmann and Ryan Dyar cover almost every aspect of night photography. Starting with a detailed theory about compositions for night photography, the various ways to capture images in the dark and processing techniques. The second video is the most detailed instruction on the market for processing images of the aurora borealis, focusing on colors, textures, noise, focus stacking in the dark and much more.


Do you struggle with night photography? Do you find it difficult to capture visually pleasing images in the dark? Then this is for you.

Arild Heitmann and Ryan Dyar have for many years been asked to create video tutorials about night photography and the Aurora Borealis. Now they’ve finally teamed up to create an amazing bundle covering almost all aspects of photography after dark.

This unique two-part bundle by professional photographers Arild Heitmann and Ryan Dyar teach you nearly anything you need to know about night photography.

In the first video, Ryan goes into thorough detail about his theory for what makes a great composition for night photography, three different ways he captures these images, and the various techniques he uses to process them!

After that wraps up, Arild’s video goes into the most detailed instruction on the market for processing your images of the Northern Lights. Topics such as colors, textures, noise and focus stacking in the dark are thoroughly explained; leaving you ready to take on the Northern Lights!

What You’ll Learn in the ‘Capture the Night’ Bundle

The ‘Capture the Night’ bundle is the most comprehensive processing tutorials focusing on night photography and the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). This bundle teaches you everything you need to know about the theory of capturing an image in the dark, overcoming hurdles in the field and how to make the most out of it in post-processing.

Ryan and Arild cover both basic and advanced techniques including noise reduction, mastering night colors, bringing out textures in the night sky and focus stacking in the dark.

Duration: 2 videos with a total duration of 3 hours
Software Used: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop
Instructors: Arild Heitmann & Ryan Dyar
Topics: Night Photography incl. Aurora Borealis
Extras: Includes RAW files for you to practice with

This is a large file. Please ensure a strong internet connection and allow adequate time for download.

Night Photography Processing Tutorial


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