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Start to Finish: “Fray” by Ted Gore

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Fray is an easy-to-follow processing video where Ted Gore shares the complete workflow of developing a stunning waterfall image.


Fray is a part of Ted Gore’s popular Behind-the-Scenes Video Tutorial series and in this video, Ted shares the complete workflow as well as the ideas behind his image by the same name. The video covers the story behind the image, thoughts about the composition, color theory and capture, and the complete workflow from start to finish.

The techniques you’ll learn in Fary includes:

Being announced USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015, Ted Gore is one of the most respected photographers in the field. In his Behind-the-Scenes series, it’s not only his images that are impressive: Ted’s got a talent for teaching as well. Fray is an easy-to-follow processing video that even Lightroom & Photoshop beginners can learn a lot from. Basic knowledge of these softwares are recommended for an optimal experience but it’s not required. In this video, Ted also shares many valuable thoughts on capturing the image and he explains why he followed certain steps along the way.

A downsized project file is included so it’s easy for you to follow along.

Instructor: Ted Gore
Duration: 1hr 20 Minutes
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop

Fray Processing Video by Ted Gore


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