Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Luminar 4 Review: A New Era of Photo Editing

Luminar 4 Review Sky Replacement
Artificial Intelligence. One-click sky replacements. Smart adjustments. That's just some keywords to describe what you can expect from the new and completely rebuilt Luminar 4. The market is saturated with photo-editors these days and it seems like everyone is trying to make a Lightroom alternative. That's not what Skylum is aiming to do with...

Liven Up Your Photographs With Luminar 3

Process Images in Luminar 3.1
There have been many questions about the best alternatives to Adobe products and Luminar is one that's often mentioned. It's been on the market for several years now but with the recent upgrade to Luminar 3, they've really stepped onto the map and started to gain a lot of attention. I've been experimenting...

AirMagic: Edit Drone Images with One Click

I'm a natural sceptic when it comes to automating post-processing workflows but there's no secret that it can be extremely helpful in otherwise busy days. We know that the automated tools save you time and simplify the process, so the big question is: are they worth the money and are the results good?

Image Averaging and Time Blending for High Quality Night Photos

Image Averaging and Time Blending
My goal for my landscape photos has always been to have them printed large. That’s why I try to avoid noise and through use of techniques like focus stacking and exposure blending I ensure best sharpness and detail. When photographing around sunset and sunrise and into the blue hour, achieving the quality I’m...

Processing with Picktorial 3: An All-in-One RAW Editor?

Picktorial Review
Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Capture One are the most common softwares to be mentioned when talking about photography and post processing. However, in recent years, more softwares have been introduced and many of them are equally as powerful as those mentioned above. Picktorial is one of these editors and I've had the pleasure of testing their 3.0 Beta version (and...

Are HDR Softwares Dead?

Exposure Blending in Photoshop or HDR Software? There's no doubt that technology has evolved a lot during the last years. The quality of cameras have improved drastically, new softwares have entered the market and new techniques are constantly being developed. The term HDR is at times frowned upon and it's been characterized by over-saturated images. What many tend to forget is that HDR...

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