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Post production photography tutorials by CaptureLandscapes.

Lightroom 101 – Part 2: Import Images

This is part two in our Lightroom 101 series. In part 1,  you were introduced to Adobe Lightroom and learned why this is a software that can take your photography to the next level. You also learned the importance of organizing your files and how to do that before installing Lightroom. In part two you'll learn how to import...

How to Handle HUGE Image Files and View them in Lightroom

"Could not save because this document exceeded the 4GB limit for TIFF files" is an error you might have encountered if you work on large panoramas or use multiple layers when developing images in Photoshop. TIFF and PSD are the most common file types for photographers to save their developed files in but unfortunately they've got some restrictions: TIFF files...

Capture the Full Dynamic Range by Taking Multiple Exposures

Use Multiple Exposures to Capture the Full Dynamic Range One of the biggest frustrations with landscape photography is capturing the entire dynamic range. Often, the sky turns out white while the landscape is correctly exposed and other times the landscape is black and the sky looks good. Unfortunately, capturing an over-all well-exposed image is at times not possible, therefore we have...

Lightroom 101 – Part 4: Develop Module

Lightroom Develop Module
Do you feel that you master the camera but your images come out dull and don’t look impressive? That your technical skills are much better then what the image shows? Are you asking yourself why your images don't get the beautiful colors others show? Even though you photograph in perfect light, most of the time you need a final touch in...

How to Use Layer Masks in Luminar 4

Layer Mask in Luminar 4
Certain adjustments aren't intended to affect the entire image; color corrections, sharpening, or glow effects are just a few that often are better to apply selectively to your image. This is when Layer Masks in Luminar 4 come in handy. Using Layer Masks gives you a whole new level of control and precision...

AirMagic: Edit Drone Images with One Click

I'm a natural sceptic when it comes to automating post-processing workflows but there's no secret that it can be extremely helpful in otherwise busy days. We know that the automated tools save you time and simplify the process, so the big question is: are they worth the money and are the results good?

Photographing Breaking Waves and Using the Power of Photoshop to Blend Them

Photographing waves and seascapes can be a lot of fun but it requires a certain amount of patience to capture the perfect wave. However, you're not always able to capture that one perfect wave and in those situations, it's helpful to capture multiple exposures that you can combine later on. In this video, German landscape photographer Micheal Breitung shares his best...

5 Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Photography

5 Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Photography
5 Reasons Your Photography Sucks A common question I am frequently asked is “how did you learn how to process your photos?” I’ve been lucky enough to receive help from several skilled photographers in the past, I have watched many tutorial videos, but most of all, I have just spent countless hours trying stuff out and experimenting with different techniques...

5 Creative Approaches to use Dehaze for Landscape Photography

Lightroom Dehaze
5 Simple and Creative ways to use Lightrooms Dehaze tool for Landscape Photography. This tool is easy to use and can give great results!

Are HDR Softwares Dead?

Exposure Blending in Photoshop or HDR Software? There's no doubt that technology has evolved a lot during the last years. The quality of cameras have improved drastically, new softwares have entered the market and new techniques are constantly being developed. The term HDR is at times frowned upon and it's been characterized by over-saturated images. What many tend to forget is that HDR...

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