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Post production photography tutorials by CaptureLandscapes.

AirMagic: Edit Drone Images with One Click

I'm a natural sceptic when it comes to automating post-processing workflows but there's no secret that it can be extremely helpful in otherwise busy days. We know that the automated tools save you time and simplify the process, so the big question is: are they worth the money and are the results good?

Improve Your Images with One Click

Post production is for many one of the most exhausting parts of photography as you need to spend time learning a new software but you want to be outside photographing instead. Luckily, there are certain tools that offer the best of both worlds. With Adobe Lightroom Presets you're able to get stunning results with only one click. Use Presets to Improve Your Images Landscape Photographers...

3 Effective Methods to Select and Apply Luminosity Masks

How to apply Luminosity Masks
Luminosity Masks are considered an advanced technique but with a little bit of basic Photoshop knowledge, you'll be surprised to see just how easy they are to create and apply to your images. There are a few different ways to apply Luminosity Masks and while they are pretty straightforward, it’s important to learn which method to use in various situations. #1...

9 Ways Landscape Photographers Can Use Lightroom

9 Ways Landscape Photographers Can Use Lightroom
Much has been written about using Lightroom to develop landscape photos, and realistically many Capture Landscape readers, as advanced landscape photographers, are just as likely to use Photoshop or plugins like Luminar to develop their photos as Lightroom. But, regardless of what software you use to develop your photos, there is still lots you can do with Lightroom, which is...

5 Creative Approaches to use Dehaze for Landscape Photography

Lightroom Dehaze
5 Simple and Creative ways to use Lightrooms Dehaze tool for Landscape Photography. This tool is easy to use and can give great results!

Lightroom 101 – Part 2: Import Images

This is part two in our Lightroom 101 series. In part 1,  you were introduced to Adobe Lightroom and learned why this is a software that can take your photography to the next level. You also learned the importance of organizing your files and how to do that before installing Lightroom. In part two you'll learn how to import...

What’s The Role of Visualization In Black & White Landscape Photography?

Black & White Landscape Photography
There are two different aspects to developing a black and white landscape photo in Lightroom. One is craft, where you use Lightroom’s sliders and tools to convert a color landscape to black and white, push sliders around and apply local adjustments. Craft skills are easy to learn. The other is visualization. To understand what visualization is let me ask you what...

Video: Essential Luminosity Mask Tutorial For Beginners

Post-processing is in many ways an important part of photography but it can be quite difficult to know where to begin and how to improve. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming as you start realizing just how much you're able to do in certain photo editors. Luminosity Masks is not a technique for complete beginners but once you've gained some basic...

How to Remove Spots in Photoshop

Remove Dust Spots in Photoshop
No matter how often you clean the camera and lenses, and no matter how perfect the composition is, it's hard to avoid having a couple spots or areas you want to remove from a photo. Luckily, it's relatively easy to remove spots in Photoshop without leaving visible traces. Remove Dust Spots in Photoshop If you're a Lightroom user and all you want...

Photoshop vs Lightroom – What to Choose

Have you ever felt that your photograph doesn't resemble the beauty you experienced while capturing it? Do you feel like you've failed to eternalize the magical moment and instead are left with a boring image? Post-production is an important step in most photographer's workflow. What many beginners fail to realize is that in most...

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