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Post production photography tutorials by CaptureLandscapes.

How to Create Sky Reflections in Luminar 4

Sky Reflections in Luminar 4
The AI Sky Replacement Tool became the big talking point in the image editing world after Luminar 4's official release. Was it really possible to replace the sky with just one click? Yes... and it does a near-perfect job! However, it's not quite perfect yet. It still has one weaknesses (if you can...

How to Use AI Sky Replacement in Luminar 4

AI Sky Replacement Tool Review
I’ll say this right off the bat: the AI Sky Replacement Tool in Luminar 4 has proven that automation and post-processing might work after all. This definitely isn’t a tool for everyone. Sky replacement, or photo manipulation to that extent, is a touchy subject with many strong opinions. However, it's been possible to replace...

8 Crucial Steps to Prepare Images for Printing

Prepare images for print
Seeing a finished image displayed online is always a nice feeling but actually holding a physical print gives a completely different type of satisfaction. It's not until the image is printed and hung on a wall that the entire process is finished. However, making a good print is usually not as straightforward as one would think and most...

Luminar 4 Review: A New Era of Photo Editing

Luminar 4 Review Sky Replacement
Artificial Intelligence. One-click sky replacements. Smart adjustments. That's just some keywords to describe what you can expect from the new and completely rebuilt Luminar 4. The market is saturated with photo-editors these days and it seems like everyone is trying to make a Lightroom alternative. That's not what Skylum is aiming to do with...

How to Blend Images Using Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

How to Blend Images Using Luminosity Masks in Photoshop
Though digital cameras are constantly improving Dynamic Range, they still struggle when dealing with scenes portraying extreme contrasts such as scenarios where the sky is bright and the foreground is dark. Capturing these scenes in a single frame is often impossible which is why many photographers rely on photo editors such as Adobe...

My Best Practices for Printing Drone Images

My Best Practices for Printing Drone Images
I have been a photographer since the 1970s and I have been a printer of my work from the beginning. In that era, a physical print was almost the only way to share your work with anybody else and ever since, I have never stopped learning how to most effectively make a print that would best convey my intent,...

3 Effective Methods to Select and Apply Luminosity Masks

How to apply Luminosity Masks
Luminosity Masks are considered an advanced technique but with a little bit of basic Photoshop knowledge, you'll be surprised to see just how easy they are to create and apply to your images. There are a few different ways to apply Luminosity Masks and while they are pretty straightforward, it’s important to learn which method to use in various situations. #1...

The Orton Effect Explained

orton effect
There are countless techniques and tools to make your image stand out but few have become as popular as the Orton Effect. The Orton Effect is both loved and hated but still applied to some degree by most landscape photographers. It's not hard to understand why it's become a popular technique when you see just how big of an impact it...

5 Advanced Post-Processing Mistakes

Advanced Post-Processing Mistakes
We've previously looked at post-processing mistakes made by beginners but it's not only new photographers who struggle with post-processing. Experienced photographers also have a tough time, though the struggles are a little different. Let's look at the 5 most common advanced post-processing mistakes: 1. Adding too Many Effects I understand that you want to show off your skills after learning new post-processing techniques...

Essential Raya Pro Workflows for Landscape Photographers

Raya Pro Workflow
It’s no secret that Photoshop can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. Post-processing is a big part of landscape photography (regardless of the degree of adjustments you make) but not all of us have the time, or interest, to spend hours upon hours in Photoshop. Raya Pro, a third-party plug-in, addresses that: it not only saves you time and improves the...

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