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Post production photography tutorials by CaptureLandscapes.

How to Use the Color Grading Tool in Lightroom

Color Grading Tool in Lightroom
The Color Grading tool in Lightroom replaces the Split Toning Tool that many are familiar with. But is it any better? Is there a point in learning and implementing it into your workflow? While that depends on your post-processing ambitions there's no getting around the fact that this is the best new tool...

11 Hidden Lightroom Features You Should Know

Adobe Lightroom is arguably the most popular photo editor on the market. It's not hard to understand why once you get to know its powerful organizing and processing tools. Learning the software well enough to take full advantage of it takes a long time and in this process, we tend to make habits that are more complicated...

Photoshop or Lightroom: What’s Best for Photographers?

Have you ever felt that your images don't resemble the beauty you experienced while capturing them? Do you feel like you've failed to eternalize the magical moments and instead are left with boring or generic photographs? It might not be the answer you're hoping for but post-processing is an important step in most photographer's...

How to Edit Autumn Photographs in Luminar 4

Autumn is a favorite season amongst many landscape photographers and it's not hard to understand why when you see the abundance of vibrant colors surrounding us. Capturing these colors, however, isn't necessarily as straight forward as one would like. The truth is that post-processing plays an important role in making your autumn photographs stand out.

Luminar 4.3 Update: New Features & Improvements

Luminar 4 Update
The latest update of Luminar has just been released and is available for free to existing users. Luminar 4.3 is an upgrade you want to make as it seems like the people over at Skylum have listened to the user's feedback; they've packed this update with valuable features and improvements. "With Luminar 4.3,...

Two Ways to Enhance Sunsets in Photoshop

Have you ever photographed a great sunrise or sunset but found that the colors captured in your camera weren't nearly as impressive as what you saw with your own eyes? Then you're not alone. The good news is that it's quite normal and there are many ways to bring back details...

The Best Tools to Enhance Colors in Luminar 4

Working with colors can be one of the most difficult aspects of post-processing. It might be tempting to simply increase the saturation and move on but this is rarely the best approach. In fact, there's a lot more to it. The good part is that there is no lack of tools to enhance...

How to Use Layer Masks in Luminar 4

Layer Mask in Luminar 4
Certain adjustments aren't intended to affect the entire image; color corrections, sharpening, or glow effects are just a few that often are better to apply selectively to your image. This is when Layer Masks in Luminar 4 come in handy. Using Layer Masks gives you a whole new level of control and precision...

How to Use Layers in Luminar 4

Layers in Luminar 4
Being able to work with layers is a huge advantage Luminar 4 has over similar photo-editors. Not only does this make it possible to create several professional-looking techniques that wouldn’t otherwise be possible but it also means you can develop a non-destructive workflow; a workflow where you can alter previous adjustments without affecting...

How to Quickly Fix Edge Halos in Photoshop

fix edge halos in photoshop
Have you ever noticed white lines or haloes along edges in your photographs? Perhaps you didn't even notice before making an enlargement of it? These artifacts can be quite distracting and take a lot away from an image but the good news is that they're relatively easy to get rid of in Adobe Photoshop.