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The Most Essential Equipment for Landscape Photography

I often hear people say "It's not about the gear, but the photographer behind it". While this statement is true in many ways, there is no secret that professional photographers rely heavily one selected pieces of equipment. Some techniques are simply not possible without the right gear, at least not if you want a picture of high quality. In this article I will share with you what professionals regards as essential equipment for landscape photography.

How to Set Up Your New Camera for Professional Results

Set Up New Camera
So you just got a new camera and you can't wait to go out capturing amazing images with it. After all, it's quite exciting to get new equipment, right? But there are also new challenges that come with purchasing a new camera. Can you just go straight outside and get good results...

How to Create More Impactful Images

Create Impactful Images
Composition is one of the most important factors in creating impactful and memorable photos. It doesn't matter how fascinating the conditions are; images that lack a solid composition are less likely to be remembered. Landscape photography has changed a lot during the last years and it might even be fair to say that the...

The Importance of Calibrating Your Monitor

Calibrating Monitor using Datacolor Spyder X
Have you noticed that the colors in your images appear different on your computer and other devices? That the print looks nothing like what you expected it to? Or perhaps you've had someone point out that the colors in your images are off, despite looking great on your own screen? This is a common...

The Ultimate Focus Stacking Guide for Landscape Photography

Guide to Focus Stacking in Landscape Photography
It’s become nearly impossible to get the entire image tack-sharp due to the use of ultra-wide-angle lenses and often extreme approaches to foregrounds and compositions. Perhaps you've used a recommended aperture such as f/11 and figured that will do the job but returned home to find half the image out of focus? Unfortunately, this...

12 Tips for Abstract Landscape Photography

Abstract Landscape Photography
The grand landscapes are beautiful to view and probably the reason you got into landscape photography but the smaller details and intimate scenes can be just as picturesque. Capturing these scenes isn't only a great way of creating impressive art, it's also a creative challenge that forces you to think differently. Abstract landscape photography...

How to Deal With Frustration in Landscape Photography

Frustration in Landscape Photography
Have you ever had the feeling that you don't make any progress with your photography? That your creativity seems to be gone? You don't have the power and craving to get some edits done or even to shoot new images? You feel like nothing works out and you don't achieve the results you wanted?

NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C Backpack Review

NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C backpack review
Is there a perfect backpack for landscape photographers? That's a question I've asked myself for many years as I've gone through a variety of alternatives from different manufacturers. During this process, I've learned that there are great backpacks out there but there hasn't been any that's made me say 'this is it'.

Get Better Images Using Natural Framing in Landscape Photography

Finding a good composition is one of the hardest aspects of photography and while there are thousands of books on the subject, most of them seem to focus on the same compositional techniques such as The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Ratio, and use of leading lines. These are all important techniques to understand but I'm...

What Are Color Spaces in Photography?

After putting lots of effort into capturing and processing an image you’re finally ready to put it online or send it off to the printer, excited to share the latest piece of art you’ve created. But then, to your disappointment, the image looks nothing like what it did in your editing software. The colors are all wrong!