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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

5 Common Camera Setting Mistakes Beginning Photographers Make

Common Camera Setting Mistakes Beginners Make
Learning how to properly handle the camera is the most important aspect of improving your photography. While composition, light and post-processing have a big visual impact, they are second in line when it comes to where your priorities should be in the beginning. Fellow photographer Ugo Cei has talked about a neat little trick he uses to teach his clients...

My Top 3 Filters for Seascape Photography

Many landscape photographers consider filters to be an essential tool. Using the right filters at the right times can make a huge difference for the final picture, especially when photographing seascapes. Even though I love rough and rugged seascapes, I find filters and seascape photography to be a match made in heaven. When photographing seascapes, you're working with several factors...

4 Untold Tips for Photographing Northern Lights

How to Photograph the Northern Lights
Photographing Northern Lights is something I wish every photographer can experience at least once in their life. Standing underneath a green sky that's elegantly dancing is something you'll never forget. But it's not as easy to photograph as you might think. In fact, it's quite different than 'regular' night photography. I've previously written about how to photograph Northern Lights where I taught you...

Video: Tips for Photographing Rivers

Tips for Photographing Rivers
Since I started with landscape photography more than 10 years ago I was drawn to flowing water. The coast, waterfalls and rivers have always been among my favorite subjects to photograph. I love the dynamic, which is created by the flow of water, and the photographic opportunities it presents. Here in Germany one...

Master White Balance Like a Pro

Master White Balance like a Pro
White Balance... Probably among the most feared topics of beginning photographers. A topic many wish to avoid. Yet a topic that is important to grow as a photographer. I know you find this topic scary, so I’ll teach you how to master White Balance like a pro as gently as possible.

When I Use Graduated ND Filters (and When I Don’t)

When I Use Graduated ND Filters
Soon after I got introduced to the use of filters in Landscape Photography I learned about Graduated ND Filters and the significant difference they can make to an image. When I purchased my first square filter system I made sure that I also purchased a Graduated ND Filter (these filters don’t work well as screw-in filters). I remember it was...

4 Useful Tripod Accessories

Useful Accessories for Tripods
Those of you who are regular readers here on CaptureLandscapes know how essential I consider a tripod to be for landscape photography, especially when working in dim light. What you also might know is that they have certain limitations that make them less reliable in specific conditions. Tripods come in many varieties; some are light, some are heavy, some are small,...

How to Make Dull Images Eye Catching

Mother nature has done a great job pleasing the eye of even the most demanding landscape photographers. There are great views all around the globe waiting to be discovered. All those mountain lines, waterfalls, gorges or sandy beaches are waiting to be photographed. While there are lots of great views to shoot, those images often miss that little extra...

Autumn Photography: Tips for Photographing the Colors of Autumn

Autumn Photography Tips
Autumn offers a wide range of photographic opportunities for those who love colorful but moody days. With the quickly changing scenery, colorful landscapes and shorter days, it's not hard to understand why it's the favorite season of so many photographers. But how do you capture the vibrancy of it? How do you come back...

5 Beginner’s Post-Processing Mistakes

Looking back at my early photography I shake my head in embarrassment. I know I should be proud of the fact that I've come a long way since then but it's hard not to notice just how poorly processed those images are. I'm sure I'm not alone. Post-processing is a big part of digital photography and most likely you process...