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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

The Best Settings for Night Photography

Best settings for night photography
Night photography is a fascinating genre of landscape photography. You're standing outside in total darkness but the camera display shows something else: a starry sky and the beauty surrounding you. Photographing the night sky isn't quite as straightforward as one might want, though. In fact, it is in many cases quite opposite of 'regular' landscape...

How to Photograph Forests and Trees

Photographing Trees and Forests
Master the Art of Photographing Forests and Trees Landscape photography is often associated with the Grand Landscape and the famous vistas. I love a beautiful sunset from a vantage point with impressive mountains in the background just as much as anyone, and I have several times traveled across the globe to find such a scene and capture it. However, one of...

Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography
Have you ever seen an image of a waterfall or ocean where the water looks soft and silky, almost unreal or perhaps you’ve seen an image in a city where cars are turned into long red lines? Maybe you’ve even thought these were heavily manipulated. The truth is, it’s actually a rather easy technique made possible with the use...

The Best Aperture for Landscape Photography

Best Aperture for Landscape Photography
The question “What aperture is best for landscape photography?” is often asked via the CaptureLandscapes newsletter and other discussion venues. While there isn't one "correct" aperture, certain scenes benefit from using a specific one. For standard landscape photography (excluding night photography, macro photography and other niches), the optimal aperture for front-to-back sharpness lies within f/7.1 to f/13. This range is not...

The Ultimate Focus Stacking Guide for Landscape Photography

Guide to Focus Stacking in Landscape Photography
It’s become nearly impossible to get the entire image tack-sharp due to the use of ultra-wide-angle lenses and often extreme approaches to foregrounds and compositions. Perhaps you've used a recommended aperture such as f/11 and figured that will do the job but returned home to find half the image out of focus? Unfortunately, this...

How to Optimize Images for Instagram

Optimize Images for Instagram
Instagram has become the go-to platform for photographers to market their work. It's not surprising as the image-sharing network has more than 600 million active users, making it the perfect platform to promote your art. Despite being a mobile photography platform, the majority of photographers use it to share their best images, which are normally captured with a DSLR. However,...

The Rule of Thirds Explained

Rule of Thirds Explained
Do you have a desire to capture better images? Have you learned the fundamental settings and are ready to take the next step? If so, it’s time to start learning more about compositions. If you’ve read any article touching the subject, it’s quite likely that you’ve heard about the Rule of Thirds, the most known and discussed rule of...

The Filter That Removes Light Pollution

Nisi Natural Night
Light pollution is a common problem amongst nightscape photographers. Either it's within a city or out in nature, it has the potential to make an image less appealing. Every now and then an image can benefit from the orange color cast but this is rarely the case. NiSi Filters recently announced their latest addition to their family; the Natural Night filter,...

Long Exposure Photography Without Filters

Long Exposure Photography Without Filters
Learn How to do Long Exposure Photography Without Filters Chances are that you've heard the term Long Exposure Photography before. You might not know much about it but I can almost guarantee that you've seen images online where the water looks like ice or the clouds are dragged across the sky. You might also know that to capture these images you...

Why Neutral Density Filters Will Improve Your Photography

Neutral Density Filters
Most likely you have been blown away by an image that has a silky and dreamy sky or river. Perhaps you have even tried to take images like this yourself but the result is nothing like what you hoped for. Maybe you've even understood that this effect comes as a result of using a long shutter speed but there's...

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