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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

12 Tips for Abstract Landscape Photography

Abstract Landscape Photography
The grand landscapes are beautiful to view and probably the reason you got into landscape photography but the smaller details and intimate scenes can be just as picturesque. Capturing these scenes isn't only a great way of creating impressive art, it's also a creative challenge that forces you to think differently. Abstract landscape photography...

How to Deal With Frustration in Landscape Photography

Frustration in Landscape Photography
Have you ever had the feeling that you don't make any progress with your photography? That your creativity seems to be gone? You don't have the power and craving to get some edits done or even to shoot new images? You feel like nothing works out and you don't achieve the results you wanted?

NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C Backpack Review

NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C backpack review
Is there a perfect backpack for landscape photographers? That's a question I've asked myself for many years as I've gone through a variety of alternatives from different manufacturers. During this process, I've learned that there are great backpacks out there but there hasn't been any that's made me say 'this is it'.

Get Better Images Using Natural Framing in Landscape Photography

Finding a good composition is one of the hardest aspects of photography and while there are thousands of books on the subject, most of them seem to focus on the same compositional techniques such as The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Ratio, and use of leading lines. These are all important techniques to understand but I'm...

What Are Color Spaces in Photography?

After putting lots of effort into capturing and processing an image you’re finally ready to put it online or send it off to the printer, excited to share the latest piece of art you’ve created. But then, to your disappointment, the image looks nothing like what it did in your editing software. The colors are all wrong!

Why You Should Photograph Fewer Locations when Traveling

For me, there are three ingredients that make a great landscape photo: an interesting subject, a though-out composition, and, maybe most important, good light and weather conditions that fit the scenery. Getting all three takes a lot of work and luck. First I need some inspiration, which I get from...

Learn Shutter Speed by Using the ICM Technique

Creative exercise with slow shutter speed
There are few fundamental settings that have as big of an impact on an image then the shutter speed. Adjusting the shutter speed makes a huge difference and can, in most situations, make or break the image. A slow shutter speed, for example, can often have a positive impact on what otherwise would’ve been...

The Ultimate Guide to Smartphone Photography

Only 3 or 4 years ago, smartphone photography was a joke. The photos were so bad that you couldn't even post them in low resolution to be viewed on mobile devices. Phones had a fixed lens, small sensor and an awful performance in low light conditions (and by low light I don’t mean...

Dealing with Clear Skies in Landscape Photography

Clear Skies in Landscape Photography
For many years I didn’t know how to take great landscape photos under clear skies; if there weren’t clouds in the sky, I would most of the time totally fail at capturing a photo that would make it into my portfolio. My focus was always on those colorful, dramatic skies that you get...

Do You Make These 6 Mistakes When Photographing?

For many of us, photography is simply a way to disconnect and spend time outdoors but regardless of our ambitions, most have a shared goal: create more compelling images that we're proud to share. Understanding the camera settings can be a challenge itself, so it's easy to forget about other important factors. Even simple mistakes...

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