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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

Autumn Photography: Tips for Photographing the Colors of Autumn

Autumn Photography Tips
Autumn offers a wide range of photographic opportunities for those who love colorful but moody days. With the quickly changing scenery, colorful landscapes and shorter days, it's not hard to understand why it's the favorite season of so many photographers. But how do you capture the vibrancy of it? How do you come back...

BenQ SW321C Review for Photographers

BenQ SW321C
Photographers don't hesitate in spending thousands of dollars on the greatest cameras equipment and accessories but the hard truth is that it's a waste of money if you don't also invest in a quality monitor. It doesn't matter if you've captured a razor-sharp image with a compelling composition and amazing colors if you go...

7 Habits Every Photographer Should Develop

habits for photography
Landscape photography is a type of meditation where I find myself completely relaxed and blocking out all daily distractions. In the ideal world that's what it should be like all the time but let's be honest, that's not always the case. There are many factors involved in capturing a beautiful image and sometimes...

12 Tips for Amazing Travel Photography

For many of us, going on a trip means we hope to come back with great photos. We go on this amazing adventure, see beautiful sceneries and want to capture them in a way that means something to us. However, there's more to taking great travel photos than just showing up to a beautiful...

Why Neutral Density Filters Will Improve Your Photography

Neutral Density Filters will improve your photography
I'm sure there's been a moment where you've been left in awe after watching an image that has a soft and silky sky or river in it. Maybe you've learned that this is a technique that requires the use of a slow shutter speed but after some back and forth, your images look nothing like those you've...

How to Identify a Bad or De-Centered Lens

Have you ever used a de-centered lens? Perhaps you're using one now without being aware of it. It can be a real pain to work with. Focal planes and depth of field behave strangely which makes it hard to get predictable sharpness in a photo. I've had such a lens in the past...

5 Essential Composition Concepts for Photographing Nature’s Small Scenes

5 Essential Composition Concepts for Photographing Nature’s Small Scenes
One of the hardest things about nature photography is that we have so little control over our subjects, the weather, and the light we have to work with. Despite these challenges, we do have control over the subjects we choose to work with and how we choose to arrange them within the four borders of our photographic...

The Most Essential Equipment for Landscape Photography

I often hear people say "It's not about the gear, but the photographer behind it". While this statement is true in many ways, there is no secret that professional photographers rely heavily one selected pieces of equipment. Some techniques are simply not possible without the right gear, at least not if you want a picture of high quality. In this article I will share with you what professionals regards as essential equipment for landscape photography.

How to Set Up Your New Camera for Professional Results

Set Up New Camera
So you just got a new camera and you can't wait to go out capturing amazing images with it. After all, it's quite exciting to get new equipment, right? But there are also new challenges that come with purchasing a new camera. Can you just go straight outside and get good results...

How to Create More Impactful Images

Create Impactful Images
Composition is one of the most important factors in creating impactful and memorable photos. It doesn't matter how fascinating the conditions are; images that lack a solid composition are less likely to be remembered. Landscape photography has changed a lot during the last years and it might even be fair to say that the...