Wednesday, July 15, 2020

When to Use an Open Aperture in Landscape Photography

Open Aperture in Landscape Photography
"I am somewhat puzzled when I read about professional landscape photography where they use fast lenses such as f2.8 or f1.4. Why do they use these lenses when most landscape photos are taken anywhere from f8 to f22 and the supposed sweet spot is f11 (or close to it) to get good depth of field throughout. Where does the f/2.8 come in...

Q&A: Camera Gear & Exporting Images

landscape photography q & a
Due to a rapidly increasing amount of questions via email and social media I'll be doing a weekly or biweekly Q&A on CaptureLandscapes. To mix things up some will be done Live on Facebook or Instagram (the video will be shared here later) and others will be written, like this one. While I do accept questions via Social Media...

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