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Photographer of the Month: Paul Zizka

I'm very excited to share this exclusive interview with professional landscape & adventure photographer Paul Zizka. Paul is especially known for his extreme self portraits and his images have become easy to recognise.  First of all, thank you for taking the time for doing this. Can you tell us who you are and how you got started with photography? I’m originally...

Photographer of the Month: Stian Klo

We're very excited to share this exclusive interview with Norwegian photographer Stian Klo. In this interview you can read about Stians experience with growing up in perhaps the most beautiful landscape on our planet and how this has formed him as a photographer. Thanks for taking the time, Stian. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and how...

Photographer of the Month: Luca Benini

Luca Benini is an Italian Landscape Photographer with a passion to travel the world in search for images that creates emotions. Enjoy this interview and his stunning portfolio. Be sure to visit him on social media through the links below. Tell us a little about yourself and what photography is for you. My name is Luca Benini and I'm an Italian interpreter....

Photographer of the Month: Enrico Fossati

Inspirational Photographer Enrico Fossati
We are excited to share this exclusive interview with Italian landscape photographer Enrico Fossati. Inspired by romantic painters of past centuries, Enrico has created a dreamy portfolio that have made him one of the big stars among landscape photographers. He shows that the images are the result of hard work, planning and determination. How did you get started with photography and what does it mean for you...

Photographer of the Month: Gary Randall

The Pacific North West might very well be one of the most prominent places for photographers. Professional photographer Gary Randall is a fourth generation Oregonian and has made a living of capturing and sharing the beauty of the region. In this Photographer of the Month interview Gary explains how growing up with such scenic surroundings has formed him as a...

5 Hubs You Should Follow on Instagram

During the last years Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social media and image sharing platforms online. Most likely you've heard about the popular smartphone app before and perhaps you're also a member. Instagram is used to share daily snapshots but by photography enthusiasts it's also a great place to share and promote our work. However, the platform...

Photographer of the Month: Clint Burkinshaw

Inspirational Photographer: Clint Burkinshaw
It's a great honour to present this interview with the one and only Clint Burkinshaw. He is a talented Travel & Landscape Photographer with an incredible portfolio. Thank you Clint for taking the time to make this interview happen! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your passion for traveling? First of all, thanks very much for featuring me on CaptureLandscapes...

Photographer of the Month: Mark Metternich

Mark Metternich
In this in-depth interview Mark gives us an insight on what it takes to be a full-time photographer and his experience living out of a car.

Story Behind the Shot: Phantasm by Daniel Greenwood

Story behind the image
Daniel Greenwood is an inspirational photographer best known for his creative vision and approach to photography. During the last year he has become well known throughout various social media and been a part of creating the Luminary Light Collection.