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This Photographer Captured an Extraordinary Image of a Touristic Location

Old Faithful Geyser Yellowstone
While browsing through the #CaptureLandscapes hashtag on Instagram in search of a new image to feature, there was one image that made me stop and awkwardly whisper wow to myself. The image is of the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park and is captured by Australian photographer Andrew Thomas. The Old Faithful Geyser is the most crowded location in all of...

Photographer of the Year 2019: Erin Babnik

Erin Babnik Photographer of the Year
As we look back at 2019 there are several photographers that have made a big impression on the landscape photography community but one that stands out, is Erin Babnik. Not only is her photography world-class, she's also a talented educator and someone who gives back to the community. It's with great pleasure that...

The Inspiring Story of a Half-Blind Landscape Photographer

Thomas Berger Half Blind Photographer
Every now and then you meet people who have such an inspiring story that you either become so motivated you work like never before, or you simply ask yourself: what am I complaining about? Thomas Berger is one of these inspirational people. He is a Norwegian Landscape Photographer and has during the last years become a known face on...

Nature First Photography: Principles of Nature Photography

Nature First Photography
Please take a few minutes and read this press release from Nature First Photography, an alliance focusing on preserving nature and promoting responsible nature photography. I’ve joined the alliance and I hope you, as a nature photographer who appreciates what our planet has to offer, will too. The Harm Stops...

Photographer of the Month: David Thompson

Photographer of the Month: David Thompson
I'm really excited to share this months Photographer of the Month interview. American Landscape Photographer David Thompson is one of my personal favorite photographers and I often sneak through his website in search for inspiration. I hope you enjoy this interview and David's beautiful images. First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this. Can you start by...

Photographer of the Month: Mark Metternich

Mark Metternich
In this in-depth interview Mark gives us an insight on what it takes to be a full-time photographer and his experience living out of a car.

Photographer of the Month: Enrico Fossati

Inspirational Photographer Enrico Fossati
We are excited to share this exclusive interview with Italian landscape photographer Enrico Fossati. Inspired by romantic painters of past centuries, Enrico has created a dreamy portfolio that have made him one of the big stars among landscape photographers. He shows that the images are the result of hard work, planning and determination. How did you get started with photography and what does it mean for you...

Landscape Photography is NOT a Competition

Landscape photography is not a competition
A little more than 10 years ago I had a realization that would one day change my life forever. During an evening stroll in the local woods with my camera in hand, I became aware of just how much I love photography and what it means to me; it was at that moment I knew it would...

My Stand in the Post-Processing Debate

Post-Processing Debate
I think it’s hard to avoid being exposed to the never-ending post-processing debate in the photography world. There is always someone ready to voice his/her opinion, whether you’re reading an article, viewing a YouTube video, reading comments or enjoying pictures online. Although the debate might be more heated now that we have tools such...

Photographer of The Month: Felix Inden

Felix Inden Photography
First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with photography? I’m Felix, a photographer based in Köln (Cologne), Germany. I always have a hard time describing myself but let's say I’m a lover of life, travel and this special feeling that you only get when you find yourself exposed to the elements somewhere...

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