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Photographer of the Month: William Neill

Cypress trees in fog, Monterey, California 2019 William Neill
I’m excited to present this months ‘Photographer of the Month’, William Neill. William is an American landscape photographer who’s been in the industry since the 1980s. He's published several books and is perhaps most known for his exceptional portfolio from Yosemite. Keep reading to learn more about his photographic journey: First of all, thank...

Thoughts on Landscape Photography: Keeping Locations Secret

Should you keep locations secret?
In today’s age where a single photo captured by a popular photographer or Instagrammer can influence hundreds, if not thousands of people to visit a place, I think that from time to time, we should be a bit more careful with what we share on social media. Some locations are simply not made to...

Q&A: Camera Gear & Exporting Images

landscape photography q & a
Due to a rapidly increasing amount of questions via email and social media I'll be doing a weekly or biweekly Q&A on CaptureLandscapes. To mix things up some will be done Live on Facebook or Instagram (the video will be shared here later) and others will be written, like this one. While I do accept questions via Social Media...

Photographer of the Month: William Patino

William Patino Interview
Australian landscape photographer William Patino is someone who've I've followed online since the early days of Instagram. It's been incredible to watch him develop his style and become one of the top photographers out there. In this interview, he shares an insight in his life and photography, as well as some great thoughts on his photographic philosophy....

Photographer of the Month: Dag Ole Nordhaug

Photographer of the month Dag Ole Nordhaug
This month's featured photographer is Dag Ole Nordhaug, a expert within landscape photography. Learn about his fascination with medium format cameras and why he beleives it's important to slow down in the field. Can you begin by introducing yourself and tell us how you got into photography? Thanks a lot for featuring me, Christian. I really appreciate it. I am in my...

Photographer of the Month: Joshua Snow

Joshua Snow Interview
I am super excited to share this month's Photographer of the Month interview with American landscape photographer Joshua Snow. I've been following Joshua's photography for a long time and I'm always blown away with his constant high-quality imagery. Enjoy this interview and be sure to visit his website and social media to enjoy more of his work.

Photographer of the Month: Eric Bennett

I'm excited to share this interview with the very talented Eric Bennett. You can find more of images on his website, Facebook and Instagram. First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Can you tell us a little about who you are and how you got started with photography? I grew up in Southern California and had...

Photographer of the Month: Roksolyana Hilevych

Roksolyana Hilevych Interview
Every now and then you come across the work of a photographer that simply makes you stop up and drop everything else. That's exactly what happened when I first came across the incredible photography by Roksolyana Hilevych a few years back. Her dramatic and atmospheric images give me an urge to get back into the mountains but...

Behind the Lens: Erez Marom’s Lava Series & Melted Drone

Erez Marom Lava Photography
Hawaii is becoming an attractive destination for landscape photographers worldwide. From tropical rainforests and waterfalls to fields of lava, it's not hard to understand why. Professional photographer Erez Marom recently spent two weeks exploring the Big Island, Maui and Kauai in which 6 of those days were focused on the lava fields. Erez spent these days photographing from both a...

Photographer of the Year 2017: Alex Noriega

Alex Noriega Interview
2017 has been a great year for landscape photographers. There's been an abundance of amazing imagery and the lists of inspirational photographers keep growing. Amongst all these great photographers, there's one who's stood out to me: Alex Noriega. He's an award-winning photographer who's developed a unique and personal style that many look up to. Please join me in congratulating Alex as CaptureLandscapes'...