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Top 10 Articles of 2016

10 Most Read Articles on CaptureLandscapes in 2016 It's incredible to think that it's almost one year since CaptureLandscapes went online. Since that day we've posted one tutorial every week plus one to two inspirational articles a month. Both I and the guest writers have worked hard to give you the best content to help improve your landscape photography. There's been articles...

Interview With American Landscape Photographer TJ Thorne

Interview with TJ Thorne
TJ Thorne is an American landscape photographer with a deep connection to nature. In this interview, TJ talks about the importance of photographing for yourself rather than pleasing a crowd, how nature and photography has been therapeutic for him and much, much more.  Thank you, TJ, for taking the time to give such an in-depth and deep interview. Can you tell...

Photographer of the Month: Candace Dyar

Photographer of the Month Candace Dyar Interview
I'm excited to share this months Photographer of the Month: Candace Dyar! She's been of a big inspiration to me since I discovered her work a couple years ago. She has a calm yet dramatic style to here images that I enjoy and I love the fact that most of her photography is from less photographed locations. I hope you enjoy...

Photographer of the Month: Arild Heitmann

Arild Heitmann Interview
I'm excited to share this month's featured photographer interview with Photographer of the Month Arild Heitmann. Arild is a well-respected photographer and has one of the greatest portfolios of the Arctic Landscapes. I've had the privilege to meet Arild on several occasions and I think you're really going to like this interview: Could you start by telling us who you are...

How Photography and Full-Time Travel Healed a Broken Heart

Photographer living in RV
I believe that most landscape and outdoor photographers have at some point dreamed about purchasing an RV and just follow the road wherever it takes you but there's far fewer who actually takes a chance to do it. After a couple of tough years including unexpected changes, Jessica Johnson decided that the best way to heal was by hitting...

Best Black Friday Photography Deals in 2019

Black Friday is no longer just a one-day event. Just under a month prior, there are lots of amazing offers to take advantage of. Judging by some of the pre-sale deals, 2019 seems to bring many exciting Black Friday photography deals. This can be a good opportunity for both beginners and professionals to save big money on photography gear.

Is Social Media the End of Landscape Photography?

Is Social Media the End of Landscape Photography
Landscape photography is more popular than it’s ever been and with the high quality of smartphone cameras, it’s also more accessible than ever before. While I’m happy that more people show their love and appreciation of nature through this medium, there’s a darker side to the boost in interest as well. In my eyes, it seems that more and more...

Photographer of the Month: Tom Hegen

Photographer of the Month Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen is one of those photographers' work whom I instantly fell in love with. I've been drooling over his breathtaking series since I discovered his work while browsing Behance for new inspiration. I'm excited to share this Photographer of the Month interview and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Photographer of the Month: Thomas Heaton

Photographer of the Month Thomas Heaton
I'm really excited to share this month's inspirational photographer: Thomas Heaton. Many of you might already know of him through his engaging YouTube videos and in this interview, we get to know more about his journey. Thomas is a talented photographer with a great eye for compositions, which I believe shows in the images shared through this interview. First of...

Best Content on CaptureLandscapes in 2017

Best of CaptureLandscapes 2017
Another great year is at an end and it's that time again where people reflect on the year gone by and prepare for the next. For photographers, this often means looking at the images captured throughout the year and beginning to plan next year's adventures. Here at CaptureLandscapes, it's been an exciting year with more than 90 articles published. Over...

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