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Top 25 Landscape Photographers of 2017

Top 25 Landscape Photographers 2017
One of my goals here at CaptureLandscapes is to keep you inspired to go out creating compelling images. Part of that journey involves highlighting talented photographers which is why the Photographer of the Month segment has become so popular. In 2017 I've spent more time than ever viewing the online galleries of fellow photographers, both known and unknown, and it has easily...

13 Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018 RJ Pollard
Are you searching for inspiring landscape photographers to follow in 2018? Look no further. Some are young, some are old, some are new, some are established, but they are all great sources of inspiration. These are 13 names that should be on your radar in the coming year. Click on the photographers name to visit their website. 1. Bruno Pisani It's been a pleasure following...

Top 25 Landscape Photographers of 2018

Top 25 Landscape Photographers of 2018
Landscape Photography is a genre with so many talented artists that the list could easily have been ten times as long so it's safe to say that no list can fully do justice to the number of talented photographers out there. However, these top 25 landscape photographers are those who, in no specific order, have stood out in 2018: #1 Adam...

40 Landscape Photographers to Follow on Instagram

40 Landscape Photographers to Follow on Instagram
Instagram is the go-to resource for photographic inspiration to many of us. It's a platform where it's easy to follow and view images and the majority of photographers have some sort of a presence there. If you're tired of having your Instagram feed filled with selfies and food shots, here are 40 landscape photographers to follow: Kilian Schönberger – German landscape photographer with a...

5 Hubs You Should Follow on Instagram

During the last years Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social media and image sharing platforms online. Most likely you've heard about the popular smartphone app before and perhaps you're also a member. Instagram is used to share daily snapshots but by photography enthusiasts it's also a great place to share and promote our work. However, the platform...

DJI Mavic: A Photographer’s Honest Opinion

DJI Mavic Review
My social media was full of photographers sharing their excitement when the DJI Mavic was announced. At the time, I was still using my DJI Phantom 3 Professional but I was seriously considering replacing it with the GoPro Karma. However, with the announcement of the Mavic, I decided to postpone the switch (which turned out to be a good...

When to Use an Open Aperture in Landscape Photography

Open Aperture in Landscape Photography
"I am somewhat puzzled when I read about professional landscape photography where they use fast lenses such as f2.8 or f1.4. Why do they use these lenses when most landscape photos are taken anywhere from f8 to f22 and the supposed sweet spot is f11 (or close to it) to get good depth of field throughout. Where does the f/2.8 come in...

Photographer of the Month: Thomas Heaton

Photographer of the Month Thomas Heaton
I'm really excited to share this month's inspirational photographer: Thomas Heaton. Many of you might already know of him through his engaging YouTube videos and in this interview, we get to know more about his journey. Thomas is a talented photographer with a great eye for compositions, which I believe shows in the images shared through this interview. First of...

The Most Inspirational Female Landscape Photographers in 2020

Inspirational female landscape photographers Rach Stewart
The landscape photography industry tends to be a little male-heavy but that doesn't mean there aren't any inspirational female landscape photographers out there. In fact, there's an abundance of incredible talent and many of whom are important contributors to the community. This list features some of my favorite female landscape photographers who should...

Top Landscape Photographers to Follow on YouTube

Top landscape photographers on YouTube
YouTube has quickly grown to become the most popular platform for uploading and sharing videos, and it's for many the go-to place for both educational and entertaining content. With more than 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute, it goes without saying that you can find more or less anything you're looking for. That goes for landscape photography related content as...

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