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Nature First Photography: Principles of Nature Photography

Nature First Photography
Please take a few minutes and read this press release from Nature First Photography, an alliance focusing on preserving nature and promoting responsible nature photography. I’ve joined the alliance and I hope you, as a nature photographer who appreciates what our planet has to offer, will too. The Harm Stops...

Top 25 Landscape Photographers of 2018

Top 25 Landscape Photographers of 2018
Landscape Photography is a genre with so many talented artists that the list could easily have been ten times as long so it's safe to say that no list can fully do justice to the number of talented photographers out there. However, these top 25 landscape photographers are those who, in no specific order, have stood out in 2018: #1 Adam...

How Social Media Blurred My Vision and What I’m Doing to Fix it

Social Media Blurred My Vision
Where does one start an article about Social Media? There's so much to be said and there are so many opinions to be heard but I'll start by saying this: had it not been for Social Media, I wouldn't be where I am today and had it not been for Social Media, you would most likely not be reading...

Advice from Full-Time Photographers on Turning Pro

Tips for Turning Pro
Many aspiring (and experienced) photographers dream of making their hobby into a full-time profession. Who doesn't want to make a sufficient living from traveling the world and taking pictures? But what does it take to turn pro? Is it really as luxurious as it sounds? I've talked with 5 industry leading full-time photographers and asked them to share their best advice on...

13 Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018 RJ Pollard
Are you searching for inspiring landscape photographers to follow in 2018? Look no further. Some are young, some are old, some are new, some are established, but they are all great sources of inspiration. These are 13 names that should be on your radar in the coming year. Click on the photographers name to visit their website. 1. Bruno Pisani It's been a pleasure following...

Is Social Media the End of Landscape Photography?

Is Social Media the End of Landscape Photography
Landscape photography is more popular than it’s ever been and with the high quality of smartphone cameras, it’s also more accessible than ever before. While I’m happy that more people show their love and appreciation of nature through this medium, there’s a darker side to the boost in interest as well. In my eyes, it seems that more and more...

Photography Guide to Northern Spain

photography guide to northern spain
Photographing Northern Spain Northern Spain has grown to become one of my favorite locations for landscape photography. Since living there for one year as an exchange student during my last year of university, I've been back several times to explore more of its unique and dramatic nature. In this photography guide to Northern Spain, I'll share some of my favorite locations...

DJI Mavic: A Photographer’s Honest Opinion

DJI Mavic Review
My social media was full of photographers sharing their excitement when the DJI Mavic was announced. At the time, I was still using my DJI Phantom 3 Professional but I was seriously considering replacing it with the GoPro Karma. However, with the announcement of the Mavic, I decided to postpone the switch (which turned out to be a good...

Storytelling in Landscape Photography: Creating a Landscape Memoir

Storytelling in Landscape Photography
Storytelling in Landscape Photography There is something strangely captivating about landscape photography; the open horizons, soaring alps, thundering rivers and lush valleys seep into you with each encounter. Curiosity sucks at your consciousness until you become restless, longing for the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world. The land makes us who we are – we are...

Landscape Photography in Arctic Norway

Tips on Photographing in Arctic Norway While the term arctic photography sounds quite special itself, when it comes down to basics it mostly means that you will be photographing places where weather is hard to predict and temperatures can drop quickly in less than an hour. Since the early start of my passion for landscape photography I've been drawn towards northern...

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