Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Photographer of the Month: Kevin Meynier

Not too long ago, I came across Kevin Meynier's work online and was instantly blown away by his atmospheric, dreamy and raw style. I'm someone who loves mountains and seeing Kevin's images instantly inspired me to get back out exploring more. In this interview, you'll get to know more about Kevin's work, how...

Interview with Kristel Schneider

Kristel Schneider is a professional nature photographer from The Netherlands who, in 2007, moved to France in order to focus on her passion for photography. Her work is often focused on nature's smaller details and, though complex, her images can often be considered minimalistic. Her work has been published internationally in renowned magazine books...

Photographer of the Month: Jennifer Renwick

Jennifer Renwick Interview
Jennifer Renwick's name is brought up every time I ask fellow photography lovers who they find inspiring, and it's not without a reason: her portfolio is packed with high-quality and awe-inspiring photography. For the past 4 years, she's been travelling full-time in a travel trailer and the images she's captured along the way are...

Spotlight: Photographer Uses Lockdown to Capture Stunning Spring Photos

I have been following Mark Price for quite awhile now. He’s images are nothing less than extraordinary and an inspiration to many.  Recently, Mark released his Fields of Isolation series and as soon as I saw this gallery I was astounded. He captured these images of flowers so delicately and beautifully. The lighting in...

Are Composites in Landscape Photography Morally Justifiable?

Are composites in landscape photography morally justifiable
How does landscape photography work? You go somewhere, see something and by pressing the trigger of your camera you can make others see the same. But what if you created something that you could not even have seen with your own eyes? Is this still acceptable? As photographers we strive for taking others on...

The Most Inspirational Female Landscape Photographers in 2020

Inspirational female landscape photographers Rach Stewart
The landscape photography industry tends to be a little male-heavy but that doesn't mean there aren't any inspirational female landscape photographers out there. In fact, there's an abundance of incredible talent and many of whom are important contributors to the community. This list features some of my favorite female landscape photographers who should...

Photographer of the Month: William Patino

William Patino Interview
Australian landscape photographer William Patino is someone who've I've followed online since the early days of Instagram. It's been incredible to watch him develop his style and become one of the top photographers out there. In this interview, he shares an insight in his life and photography, as well as some great thoughts on his photographic philosophy....

Photographer of the Month: Tobias Hägg

Tobias Hagg interview
I'm super excited to share this month's featured photographer interview with the talented Swedish photographer Tobias Hägg, better known as Airpixels. Tobias' work has inspired me for years and I'm confident you're going to enjoy this one too. Can you start by telling the readers who you are and how you got started...

Photographer of the Month: Mark Dobson

Interview with Mark Dobson
Few photographers have a seascape portfolio as impressive as British photographer Mark Dobson. He's mastered the skill of capturing the raw power of waves and it's my pleasure to announce him as this month's featured photographer. In this interview, you'll learn more about Mark and his journey through photography, as well as get some useful tips on...

A Landscape Photographer’s Lessons from the Past

Lessons from the Past
I regularly review my past work to check my photographic progress and also to simply clean my photo archives but I seldom look back to my very beginnings. Recently I did just that, I went through the photos I took during my first photography related road trip to the Grand Canyon, which took place in 2009

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