There’s no secret that mountains are a favorite amongst landscape and outdoor photographers. Crisp mountain air, solitude, unexplored terrain and rugged landscapes are only a few keywords that describe why so many seek towards more remote places.

As landscape photographers most of us dream of exploring the remote mountains and sleeping under a million stars. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t able to do that whenever we want so for those who are day-dreaming about getting lost in the mountains; here are 27 images that will make you start planning your next trip:

In to the dream by Dino Marsango on

Framed by nature. by Johannes Hulsch on

The Cliff by Nicholas Roemmelt on

Tent Ridge by Jack Bolshaw on

COTOPAXI 5897 by Ricardo Zambrano on

Bergsbotn by Felix Inden on

STONE FOREST by Marco Grassi on

Atlantic pyramids by Daniel Kordan on

Heart of the Island by Nick Page on

Persevere by Max Rive on

Lost by Alex Noriega on

Candy like Patagonia by Artur Stanisz on

Lofoten Glow by Stian Klo on

Awaken to Dream by Marc  Adamus on

Wotans Crescendo by Mark Metternich on

Oberon Vs The Mountain by Dylan Gehlken on

Catching Air by Erin Babnik on

Lenny and Roy by Ted Gore on

Gates of the Arctic by Jeff Lewis on

Morning Surprise. by Brian Adelberg on

K6 Massif .. by Rizwan Saddique on

Seven of Ten by Sean Bagshaw on

Brought to you by the letter E by Jeremy Duncan on

Backpacking Under the Super Moon - Mount Baker Wilderness, Washington by Dave Morrow on

Petrified Flames by Kilian Schönberger on

Los Cuernos by Trent Blomfield on

Kolob Dreams by Ian Plant on

Further Reading

If you’ve found inspiration in these beautiful images and have started planning your next adventure, make sure that you’ve prepared and know how to capture images like this yourself: