Adobe Lightroom is a comprehensive software in which you can spend hours upon hours editing your images. However, not everyone has that much time to spare and many of us simply prefer to process the images as quickly as possible – while still maintaining a high image-quality.

In this video from professional photographer Evan 5ps, you’ll be introduced to 14 Lightroom tricks that will save you time when processing your images.

In case you’re reading this at a place where you’re not able to view the video, let’s summarize the shortcuts and tricks that Evan takes you through (make sure to save the video for later to see exactly how these tricks work).

The Lightroom Tricks & Shortcuts That Saves Time

Constantly changing back and forth between modules is something you might be familiar with so the first tip that Evan shares is the keyboard shortcut to go directly to the Develop Module: D.

Next up you’ll learn how to change the background color of Lightroom. This is done by simply right-clicking on the background and selecting the color you prefer. The options are White, Light Grey, Medium Grey, Dark Grey, Darker Grey and Black. Personally, I use the Medium Grey option.

Moving into the Develop Module, the next tip is how to easily straighten the horizon by using Cmd/Ctrl button and dragging a line along it.

Tip number 4 is one that’s particularly useful if you upload your images with a different crop onto Instagram. Simply use the “X” key when cropping the image to change its orientation.

Hit "X" to change Crop Orientation

The fifth tip is a little more advanced if you’re completely new to Lightroom but Evan shows you how to easily straighten lines using the Transform Panel.

Lightroom has many panels and tabs and every now and then they can be in the way for your image. Tip number six shows you how you can easily hide all the panels by using the Tab key.

We’ve now worked our way into the panels and the next tip shows you how you can easily make more precise adjustments on a slider by increasing its length.

Another useful tip to make precise and small slider adjustments is by pressing the up and down key while hovering over that particular slider.

If you’re using the brushing tools in Lightroom, you might know how frustrating it is to change the brush size by pulling the sliders all the time. Luckily, tip number 9 shows you how you can use the bracket keys on your keyboard to make the brush size larger and smaller. You can also hold Shift to adjust the feather.

When editing a bulk of photos, you can easily copy the settings by right-clicking on it and choosing Select -> Copy Settings. Then simply paste the effect on the other images.

The next tip shows you how to remove the panels you don’t use in Develop mode by right-clicking and unchecking them.

Tip number 13 shows you a very useful trick to selectively sharpen only parts of your images by using the Masking Slider in the Detail Panel. Holding Alt/Option while sliding shows you exactly what parts will be sharpened.

The final tip teaches you how to Clone or Heal a line rather than just a spot by holding the Shift key and clicking at two spots.

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